About Michael French...

Michel French is an international Canadian artist. For over fifty years he has exhibited in Toronto ,  Montreal , Paris and San Miguel de Allende . He was born in 1951. 

In 1972 Michael met the great American Hyperrealist Andrew Wyeth in South Cushing , Maine. Mr. Wyeth was kind and supportive  while giving Michael valuable advice regarding the art world and painting techniques .

Michael paints images from his memory and more recently often from photographs, which are naturally  peaceful scenes  that sometimes contain people .  His paintings often reflect an influence of the great early 20th century European Surrealists, such as Magritte.  Probably the most important aspect of his paintings is the extreme light which sometimes borders on the surreal.



Portraits and landscapes by Michael French figure prominently in the finest public and private collections around the world  including world leaders such as HRH Prince Charles, President George Bush Sr. who gave the commissioned portrait of himself  painted by Michael to his Presidential Library and the three paintings of Mila Mulroney for Prime Minister Brian Mulroney . In 1995 the Forbes Family in New York started collecting Michael´s work which led to a long relationship with the Forbes where Christopher Forbes essentially became Michael´s patron in New York and to date  the Forbes have acquired eighteen of his paintings . Christopher Forbes presented one of Michael´s paintings to  HRH Prince of Wales. Michael has have a total of thirty eight group exhibitions  and thirty seven solo exhibitions, including his last retrospective exhibition in the Forbes Magazine galleries-museum on Fifth Avenue , New York in 2008  and his last exhibition at the Kinsman Robinson Gallery in Toronto in October of 2019. For 52 years Michael has had exhibitions since his first show in 1968.